Escada Celebrate Life

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It’s all about little things ! We celebrate life in the discovery of those magical moments, in the little things we encounter daily. The new female fragrance ESCADA CELEBRATE LIFE invites women to live in the moment and to discover the freedom of expressing their joie de vivre.


ESCADA celebrates effervescent femininity with the introduction of CELEBRATE LIFE, an ultra feminine perfume that enhances a woman’s ability to feel happy, confident and authentic.

ESCADA CELEBRATE LIFE captures the joyful spirit that reminds women to embrace life to the fullest !


A soft tender Floral Bouquet with two of the most iconic ingredients of feminine perfumery: Rose and Orange Flower.

On top, a colorful fruity cocktail composed of Pear and Lychee notes echoing to a happy, young and sparkly personality.

Last but not least, a shimmering amber note, similar to a shimmering veil, more delicate, soft and even slightly translucent represents a more natural and relaxed interpretation of sensuality.

These ingredients are subtly blended with a comforting melody of Vanilla and Sandalwood to give the scent warmth.


ESCADA CELEBRATE LIFE continues to honor the CELEBRATE series by housing the fragrance in the distinctive complements our previous icon Celebrate Now. Sleek and streamlined, the bottle aligns itself with the refined elegance that is synonymous with ESCADA.