Escada Fairy Love

Eau De Toilette

Fragrance For WomenESCADA FAIRY LOVE

Fairy dust flies, and glitter rains down: welcome to a world of stardust and magic, a whirlwind journey through pure, unbridled emotion. Designed to evolve with the ebbs and flows of your heart, ESCADA Fairy Love is a natural perfume with a conscience: fully vegan, and brimming with 86% natural ingredients, for one of the most tantalising and sustainable ESCADA perfumes yet.

Wander down the garden path, and see what lies beyond the moonlit valley... This is an ESCADA perfume fragrance for women with heart, soul, and an ever-lasting romantic streak, a technicolour experience that unwinds like a journey to some far-flung land.


Twirling, swirling magic falling around you like fairy dust, ESCADA Fairy Love is a romantic, uplifting floral gourmand with an otherworldly sheen, crafted by master perfumer Natalie Gracia-Cetto. Bright, clear-eyed pear opens the festivities with a sparkly silveriness, making way for sweet, ripe raspberries to split open in the heart. Fairy Love's girlish fruitiness is tempered with mysterious, fragrant jasmine at the base, for a light and mystical finish as fleeting as a shooting star.


This natural perfume is enclosed in a bright, colourful, poppy bottle, a miniature work of art for you to step back and admire. This whimsical, heart-shaped bottle is intended as a pretty portal to an enchanted fairytale world to leave on your bedside table, a symbol of undying love and the magic all around you.