Escada Celebrate N.O.W.

Eau de Parfum

FragrancesEscada Celebrate N.O.W.

Make a Promise to Yourself, Celebrate the Nature Of Women. To smile at the world and see each day as a gift is the natural spirit of women and the inspiration behind Celebrate N.O.W.

Discover The Scent

Accomplished, sophisticated, and perpetually curious, the Celebrate N.O.W woman understands that every day is something to be embraced.

Unexpected, upbeat, and uniquely feminine, ESCADA Celebrate N.O.W. gives you the energy and the confidence to know you can conquer it all. And do it with grace and harmony.

The Fragrance

The fragrance, a dynamic fusion of natural accords, builds from a warm base of cinnamon and tonka bean with their lovingly nostalgic and grounding quality. At its heart is blooming magnolia, a time-honored symbol of generosity and perseverance that adds a strong, lavish touch. And its top note is a shot of spicy ginger, an instant stimulant for the senses and the soul.

Design Inspiration

The flacon mirrors a similar celebration of the nature of women. Talented Brazilian ceramic installation artist Valeria Nascimento took inspiration from her signature sculpted blossom shapes when dreaming up the delicately beautiful ceramic lanterns that adorn the bottle, itself an objet d’art worthy of display. Valeria’s bespoke lanterns, both literally and symbolically uplifting, are an emblem of positivity and femininity.