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At the heart of every beautiful woman there is a secret. Our maze also holds something very special at its centre…Work out how to get there, using the visual and audio clues.

Make your way to the heart of the maze to discover ESPECIALLY ESCADA perfumes and you can try the fragrance for yourself.

How To Play

How To Play

At each crossroads, use the arrow keys on your keyboard or click on the arrow buttons on the screen to choose your path through the maze. Get to the centre to discover a world of happiness for yourself, in our brand new fragrance, ESPECIALLY ESCADA.

Plug in your headphones for clues to help you find the fastest route to the heart of the maze.


Plug in your headphones for extra clues


You have discovered the sparkling freshness of ESPECIALLY ESCADA. Built around a delicate rose accord with a top note of pear combined with the soft, floral notes of Ylang Ylang. For a perfume that expresses the joyful, spontaneous woman in you.

Submit your score to claim your sample of our beautiful new fragrance for women, ESPECIALLY ESCADA.


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Plug in your headphones for extra clues