ESPECIALLY ESCADA perfume for women is built around a delicate rose accord. The result is a refined and sophisticated fragrance that expresses soft femininity. Inspired by the sparkling scent of morning dew on a glistening rose, ESPECIALLY ESCADA perfume presents luxury but in a modern and light-hearted way.

The fragrance opens with an intense and crisp top note of pear that combines with the exotic and musky notes of ambrette seeds. Together they create a burst of sparkling freshness and the idyllic introduction to the all-important heart accord.

At the heart of the ESPECIALLY ESCADA fragrance lies the beautifully special scent of a fresh and dewy rose combined with a dewy, fresh scent that captures the aroma of rose petals collected in the early hours at dawn.

In addition to the delicate rose notes, YlangYlang emanates a soft, floral and intensely feminine appeal. The luxurious combination of rose and Ylang radiate a fresh and natural aura of positivity; the uplifting ingredients are synonymous with the perfect gifts for a woman of joy and happiness.

Light musky notes to support the delicate, floral bouquet complete the scent adding a subtle touch of femininity.

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